Some says that life is continuous gifts, some says that life is suffering, some says that life is a show theater, but most of them agree that life is unrevealed mystery.

Happy and sad drama around us that often shown about birth and death of ordinary people make the idea of the mystery of life even bolder. We saw that human beings just bow to a common rule of birth,growing old, sick and finally pass away. Life needs a requirements of the suffering of birth, life gives an un-reject-able gifts of being old and sick suffer, then the final destination is the suffering of death. Human came to life empty handed, left this life journey also empty handed. If coming and going in the same emptiness, what does our life mean, then? More evenly, what does life for?

Having seen Gus Dur passed away, I no longer see that life is a mystery. Life rather is a distinct path you will leave for your next generation. Life will be more meaningful when your juniors can take more from what you left. Mean your life second by second, and you will see that the life is more than just meaningful. Life will be as clear as crystal, as bright as sunlight, as useful as opened book. And on that very day, you will need not to ask what life means, because the people gathering will tell you and the world what your life mean to them.

The mystery is what lies after life, to which you go when the time has come.

Marcel Wijaya