This writing is dedicated for the grief of West Sumatra September 30, 2009.

For more than 1,000 lives were not saved, thousands more injured, and millions lose their homes, Indonesia is mourning again.

Disaster seems not giving any chance for you to run away, be tough my friends, be strong my brothers.

With HIS holiness’ permission only will the things on this world happen,

When you see no blessings, please remember that HE is too good to be unkind.

When you find only hurt and tears, behold that images about HIM you see clearer in these times…

Dear Lord, Father, The Creator of all things,

In this little heart, in this small knowledge, in this limited mind, in this powerless body.

I gather all my attention right here, right now to bow down and kneel toward your Greatness.

Giving thanks completely as YOU grant this opportunity to me,

Glorifying YOUR Holiness even though YOU do not need it,

Asking forgiveness for my faults and errors as this may be my last chance to do so,

Praying for the souls YOU pulled back, please receive them in YOUR kingdom,

Hoping the following days be better and brighter for us that remain,

I want to pray also for the natural disaster victims in Samoa and Philippine, war victims in Middle East, hunger victims and all beings that are in suffer. Please YOUR kindness to take away their suffering.

Please grant me wisdom to always work in line with YOUR will,

Please use me as YOUR tools to glorify YOUR name,

Please deliver me away from the evil and bad purpose beings.